Pesticide Releases New Single «All Night Long»

Switzerland, Bern, August 20, 2020 – For Immediate Release

rockin’ voice, dirty riffs, delirious organ, heavy beats, fat bass!

Single release: 01.10.2020
Label: Alexander Pina (IFPI), iMD-MönkeyÖnSeRöcks
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Following up on their EP “Monkey Speedway”, the Swiss hard rock group Pesticide releases a new single “All Night Long” on «1th of October 2020«. Distributed world wide via iMusician Switzerland.

Alex Rock describes the new Single “All Night Long” as follows: “All Night Long» was written an recorded during the Corvid-19 Lock-down. I think the lyrics reflect it as it an never ending night and the morning dawn is waiting to take over. It was strange to produce it as we where mostly alone in the studio. i think it nails the state of mind we where all in, a bit lost and on the border of insanity.

The Band

Pesticide from Switzerland, founded at the end of the soaring millennium years has gone through many hurricanes and death marches in their musical career. One cloudy day in 2014 the monkey crew got together, stealing the coconuts from the local grocery store and started jamming.

Pesticide is a hard rock group , taking classic hard rock elements and combining them with metal attitude. After the album production of «12 Inch Monkeys» in 2012 – which starred an array of guest musicians – Pesticide reformed in 2014

The two founding members and brothers «Roland Zenger» (guitar) and «Matthias Zenger» (Bass) where accompanied by the hard rock shouter «Alex Röck» (vocals) , the drummer «Pascal Wicky» (drums) and the organist «Andreas Siegenthaler» (hammond).

With the new line-up Pesticide was undergoing some musical changes. In-cooperating the hammond organ and the new singers tonal range changed the expressions and the songwriting process and something new began.

Monkey Speedway

Pesticide Last EP “Monkey Speedway” is available here. Recorded at the end of summer 2018 at ÄMP Studios Switzerland, mixed by Andreas Siegenthaler (Disciples, Black Organ Dreams) and mastered by Jürgen Lusky (Pink Cream 69, Krokus, Angra) and Released on the 4th of April 2019.

Great shit: The six tracks on «Monkey Speedway» go through the ears directly into the brain and tick there, resistance is pointless.

Rockhard (Jens Peters)

With «Monkey Speedway», Pesticide deliver a coherent rock record that can absolutely be measured against the big players in the business.

Metalfactory (Rockslave)

More information

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