Alex Röck – Single Release – Hope

Alex Röck – Single Release – Hope- 01.12.2021

The Artist “Alex Röck” releases a new single “Hope” as the 6th release in a series of recordings from the “Lockdown Sessions” on the 1.12.2021

Alex Röck - Single Cover - Hope
Alex Röck – Single Release – Hope

As an aged Hardrockshouter “Alex Röck” wanted to the music inside him out, so he sketched down some musical ideas, which lead to a series of recordings with different influences titled “Lockdown Sessions”. As the 6th release of the “Lockdown Sessions” the title “Hope” is releases. Sometimes you get an unexpected call

The “Lockdown Sessions” aim to be non-polished, honest and raw, laid down in the most simple way, with no musical directors, autotune or polishing. A unique glimpse into the shattered soul of an aging hardrock shouter in different shades of white and black. 

The single will be available in all major digital music stores and streaming platforms.

Label: Alexander Pina (IFPI), Alex Röck

Contact Info:

Alexander Pina
Linden 4, CH-3124 Belpberg , Switzerland

Alex Röck is known as a Singer of Bands like Whole Lotta DC (AC/DC Cover-Band), Pesticide (Hard Rock/Metal), “RIP” (Hard Rock)

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