Rock ’n› Roll Shouter from Switzerland, Software Artist and Technology Addict.

Done a lot of shouting in any of the bands i am involved with


Whole Lotta DC

Whole Lotta DC

an ac/dc cover band from Switzerland, founded in 1992. a am the lead singer since 2008, driving its with more a Bon Scott style for the vocals. It is a lot of fun, and i just love ac/dc as it is the reason i started messing around with music. just get a look @ https://www.wldc.ch

Rushi And Friends

Unter Rushi & Friends ist eine Akkustikversion mit Coversongs von Lady Gaga bis AC/DC. Als auch einige Eigenkompositionen von Alex oder Myall-Lake. Eigentlich just for fun, und innoffiziell.

Rushi and Friends

Own Music



Straightforward Rock/Metal

rockin’ voice, dirty riffs, delirious hammond, heavy beats, fat bass!

Own arrangements with an classic hard rock setup – including a hammond organ replacing the second guitar. This is good old hard rock with some riffs into metal. the last album «monkey speedway» is available digitally just get a look @ https://pesticide.ch

Alex Röck

Own Project doing own songs or covers that i like. this website 🙂



Band i started with in 1992, classic hard rock songs. releases are all physical and not available anymore. some songmaterial is published through «alex röck».


Antapex Records (Basel)

Did work in the Backoffice for an minimal Techno Label «antapex records» based in Basel. did 4 vinyl releases mainly with artists from Basel. The Label was abandoned in 2010, see @ Discodogs

Alexander Pina (IFPI)

Running an Label with the Swiss IFPI , named as «alexander pina (ifpi)» for releasing the own songs.